Auditions for the 2017 Fall season will be April 27, 2017. If you cannot make these dates, but are still interested in joining the guard you may email trinityguard@trinitytrojanband.com for more information.

Any female student at Trinity High School in grades 10-12. If you are a Junior High student you will have the opportunity to perform on the field with the THS guard during a half time performance in the Fall of 2017. Dates to be announced!

This is to be expected and should not be something to worry about. You will be instructed by staff who will help you learn how to become a dancer. It is not required to take a dance class from a local studio, but it will certainly help you.

The TCG travels with the band to all football games, band contests, and travels locally to winter guard contest, but in the future the guard can expect to travel out of DFW. During the fall a member should expect to travel every weekend.

There are multiple fundraisers available where you can raise the money to be on our team. Please don’t let money hold you back from something great because there are always options open to you as a student. Always communicate any financial issue with the directors.

Continue Browsing our site to see videos and photos of the THS guard performing. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at trinityguard@trinitytrojanband.com or trinitytrojanband@gmail.com.